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A blocked artist kidnaps his sister who suffers from a sudden onset of total locked in syndrome, setting out on a road trip that will change them forever.


With less than a month to produce a portrait piece for the renowned Stahlker exhibition, Goce (Izaak Love) is an artist at odds with his motivation, suffering from a debilitating artistic block. Determined to help him meet the deadline, sister Leida(Sophie Stewart) commandeers his efforts, until a freak occurrence happens. Leida suffers a sudden onset of Total Locked in Syndrome, rendering her incapacitated yet alive and conscious on the inside. Determined to break his artistic block and honour a promise to his sister, together they hit the road for the ocean. The trip challenges their every being, both physically and emotionally.


My False Vacuum is a story of determination, family and chartering the non-linear path of creative accomplishment while navigating uncertainty. Exploring the idea of the “creative predicament” through Goce (our main protagonist), the simultaneous shortcomings of operating in the creative world self-actualising contrasted against the real world is the nexus of both conflict and opportunity that’s at the centre of this film.

Delving into a family dynamic that’s misfiring after the death of his mother, his sister Leida is the central figure that balances the chaotic relationship he has with his father Val, encouraging his self-progression. Without never really reconciling what happened the loose ends of unresolved conflicts mount into friction and discontent. So what happens when the “glue” that’s holding what’s left of this family and pushing her sibling ahead comes unstuck with the prospect of never returning to its previous state?

As Leida unexpectedly succumbs to Total Locked in Syndrome, what’s tested is not only at the core of who Goce is, but fundamentally forces action towards a goal where he himself has no certainty over. But as with anything from the ruins and loss we often find something that was there all along, something that has the power for us to reconcile, create and move forward. Much like the idea around creativity as a process of revealing what’s already there versus creating something new, we find how important it is to reveal what's most important to us when it really matters.



Runtime: 95min

Genre: Drama

Language: English


X4 Pictures / Motion Picture Exchange  (USA)

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